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Ultra comfortable, open slide slippers for air circulation and the key feature is a thick memory foam padding to cushion the foot. This provides a feel of support and comfort whether standing or walking.

The sole has a foot grove outline for ultra comfort and style. A padded strap to keep your foot snugly in place.

The bottom of the slipper is made to walk on a variety of surfaces with a non slip grip.

Comfort Home Slipper - not suitable for pool or shower.

Many house slippers might offer warmth, but very few offer any support. Memory foam provides both comfort and support as it immediately conforms to the shape of your foot. When memory foam is cold, it is very firm. When it warms up, for instance, due to body heat, the foam becomes much more pliable. This property allows memory foam to conform instantly to the contours of your feet.

A person feels very comfortable wearing these slippers because the weight is evenly dispersed over the entire bottom of the feet instead of concentrating on a particular point like the heel.

The greatest advantage of using the foam in the slippers is that a large amount of shock is eliminated. An investment in these slippers is one that your feet will thank you for.